Procrastination – Is it really worth the effort?

Let’s first look at the definition of the word procrastination, according to the dictionary it means: the action of delaying or postponing something. Ok, so that doesn’t seem like such a bad thing right? You might want to think again.
Procrastination is a complex psychological behavior that affects everyone to some degree or another. With some it can be a minor problem; with others it is a source of considerable stress and anxiety.

The procrastinator is often remarkably optimistic about their ability to complete a task on a tight deadline; this is usually accompanied by expressions of reassurance that everything is under control. For example, they may estimate that a project will take only five days to complete; they have fifteen days; there is plenty of time; no need to start now. Lulled by a false sense of security, time passes. At some point, they cross over any imaginary starting time and suddenly realizes, “Oh no! – I am not in control! There isn’t enough time!”

At this point, considerable effort is directed towards completing the task, and work progresses. This sudden spurt of energy is the source of the erroneous feeling that “I only work well under pressure.” Actually, at this point you are making progress only because you haven’t any choice. Your back is against the wall and there are no alternatives. Progress is being made, but you have lost your freedom.

Barely completed in time, the project may actually pass inspection; whereupon one experiences mixed feelings: pride of accomplishment (sort-of), scorn for the boss who cannot recognize substandard work, and guilt for getting undeserved praise. But the net result is reinforcement: the procrastinator is rewarded positively for their poor behavior. As a result, the counterproductive behavior is repeated over and over again.
Positive reinforcement for delay is a principle contributor to continued procrastination.

So what really makes a person procrastinate? In order to write this article I had to find someone who was a master procrastinator. I had to look no farther than my mirror. I’m very good at what I do, so what I asked myself, “makes me put off until tomorrow or the next day or the next week, doing what I know I should be doing to move forward.”

In my case I’ve been working on a couple of projects: 1) my biography and 2) my healing books. I’ve been working on them for a few years now. Most of the information is downloaded by Spirit and other stuff I’ve learned through reading or taking classes and workshops. I spend countless hours typing diligently on my computer, but nothing ever really seems to materialize.

I find myself playing games on the computer, reading novels, playing more games on the computer…are you getting the picture yet? I know what has to be done, yet I keep coming up with excuses on why I can’t seem to get to it. The cats need attention, the dishes need to be washed and put away, laundry needs to be done, I’m just too tired and the list goes on and on and on.

My guides and angels are getting pretty fed up with me, but they can’t make you do something that you are not yet ready for.

So, now it comes to really looking at why one would procrastinate, if what they are being asked to do would bring them clients, customers and students for their programs and put money in the bank and just make you feel good that you’re helping people. So what’s a person to do – take a good hard look in the mirror and have a talk with the sub-conscious and find out what’s really going on inside.

Possibly the procrastination is coming from a fear of success, fear of being powerful – like oh boy if I do what I’m supposed to people will start to notice me and that might not be such a good thing! I must hide at all cost. So you give your power away, again and again and again.

You curse to the Universe, why haven’t YOU listened to me and given me what I’ve asked for… and the Universe smiles and says, “Ah my child, I have listened and given you what you asked for, I can only give back to you what you put out, so if you put nothing out to help yourself that is what I’m giving back to you.” Darn that Law of Attraction anyway.

Procrastination is a sneaky and insidious master. You think you are in control, but you’re not. Unless you are brave enough and strong enough to break the bonds that have been holding you back you will stay stuck and a slave to that master. As human beings we are meant to live life to the fullest, which also means we are here to clear our energy, of past hurts and programs. Most of these programs come from our childhood, and some come from past lives. Once the program has been identified then and only then can it be healed. This is part of what I work on with students and clients. It is easy to see where the issue lies with them, because I’m not emotionally or mentally connected to their programs. It’s a much different story when it’s your own programs, blocks and beliefs that you are working to heal.

Spirit had been telling me for weeks (ok months) to delete the game off of my phone and I just couldn’t do it (ok didn’t really want to), until this past full moon, which was all about clarity and truth, and I’ll be darned if on Monday morning I didn’t delete that silly game off of my phone (it actually started working much better) and started to write again. You see I finally got to my starting line and crossed over it and realized if the books are to get done then me and only me would or could be the one to write them. It is my story to tell and no one else’s.

So sometimes it takes a boulder being dropped on our heads to wake us up, sometimes a kick in the pants, and sometimes you just get tired of things not moving forward and you start to take responsibility for things not happening in your life the way you believe they should, and you take the bull by the horns and say enough is enough and you just DO IT!! Thank you Universe for the ever so silent nudge and the BIG whisper to get it done and quit the whining.
So do you have problems with procrastination, let me know if I can be of assistance on your journey.

Rev. Dr. Elena Skyhawk, Msc.D. is a metaphysical minister and doctor specializing in Transformational Healing, Workshops, and Soul Retrieval. Ways to get in touch:, or 605/858-1931.