Divine Purpose

This morning started out rather interesting especially with my thought process. You see last night my cousin announced she was retiring next month after working for Kroger for 26 years.  First thought was Congratulations now you’ll have more time to spend up north. Apparently it triggered in me thoughts like holy crap I’m closer to retiring than I’ve really paid attention to; which of course made me look at my own age (yikes!). Other thoughts then started to pop in from the Soul, which is where stuff got interesting.  Thoughts like, only do what makes you happy. If it feels dis-empowering it is, don’t do it.

You are here for a greater purpose than working for peanuts in a job that sucks the life out of you and dis-empowers you.  It went on for some time but during the process I realized the Soul is correct.  We are here on Earth for a very short period of time and as a soul we have a Divine Purpose for being here.  If we follow the guidance of Spirit and our Higher Self we will live a much more purposeful life and in turn be able to help others who might be experiencing some of the same feelings and emotions that we are.

So on that note let’s take a look at one’s Divine Purpose and what it means.  For instance my Divine Purpose is that of bringing Wisdom and Love and Healing to the planet. The way I’m doing that is through writing articles and books, teaching classes and workshops and through it all doing it with Love for me, my clients, and students. My life lesson is Empowerment so once again that is incorporated into everything I do, whether it’s teaching a workshop or listening to a client on the phone or during a healing session. By staying true to my purpose in life and incorporating my life lesson into my work I am making a difference on this planet for humans as well as animals and the planet itself.

So when everyone is following their Soul’s choice of Love, for that is what we all are, no matter how we translate it into our lives, we all make a difference and are here for a reason.  Everyone is important and we all matter to Source, Great Spirit, Great Mystery, God, whatever name you have for the Divine, know that you are special and are sent love from above so that you can pursue your Divine Purpose at this time.

I know I hear you: “but Elena I don’t know what my Divine Purpose is”!  My answer is your Soul knows and if you allow that still small voice in your heart to come out and talk you really will hear the answer.   We get so bogged down in everyday life and worrying about bills, rent, jobs that we forget we are Divine Beings and can manifest anything we choose to us, so do you not think you can’t manifest a talk with the Divine?   The answer is a big YES you can!

My new tag line is: If it doesn’t make your heart sing, don’t do it!!

If you would like some help to determine what your still small voice is saying, please reach out by email or phone for a quick chat and we can determine if working with me would be a good fit.


Stay tuned for more tidbits and articles to help you on your path of soul growth

Rev. Elena Skyhawk, Msc.D.