The following is a list of the different healing sessions you can receive through this web-site. I offer Reiki, Shaman’s Touch Healing, LaHo Chi, Past Life Regressions and Soul Retrieval as well as personal and business clearings. Each of the sessions can be in person, phone or Skype.

Please feel free to contact me for more information on any of the services offered at: (605) 858-1931 or through the contact form on this site.

Shaman’s Touch Healing

Shaman’s Touch Healing is a combination of energy techniques that have been blended together from multiple tribal sources, chakra and aura cleansing, balancing and manipulation practices and a form of Reiki known as Tera Mai. It is taught in 5 levels with the final 2 optional if you want to become a teacher of Shaman’s Touch. Healing sessions available are: ½ hour session – $100; 1 hour session $175

LaHo Chi

La Ho Chi is a spiritual hands-on energy healing technique. It is the highest form of healing known on the planet at this time. It reaches to the deepest levels of healing on an emotional, mental and physical level. Sessions: ½ hour – $100; 1 hour session – $175


Using hands on healing or long distance healing, I assist one in clearing blocked energy patterns that are holding one back from reaching the deepest level of healing possible for them at this time. ½ hour session: $100; 1 hour session: $175

Soul Retrieval

When someone suffers severe loss or abuse soul pieces can break off leaving a person feeling lost or that part of them is missing. Soul Retrieval finds the broken and hidden pieces and brings them back healed and healthy. Session: 60 minutes – $175

Past Life Regression

Each session is approximately 90 minutes. Using meditation I take individuals to the prior lives that are affecting them the most in the current incarnation. Once in the prior life I guide one to healing that lifetime and imagining a different outcome in order to heal energy in this lifetime. Session: $225


  1. Weddings
  2. Home and Business Blessings and Clearings
  3. Full Moon & New Moon

Prices for these ceremonies differ depending on the amount of time and energy needed. Most weddings range from $125-$250 depending on size and location. Home and Business blessings and clearings depend on the size of the home or business as well as the amount of clearing involved. They range: $150- $500. Full and New Moon Meditation Ceremonies are done on a love donation basis ($10 suggested).